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About Boykins Spaniel Rescue

Boykin Spaniel Rescue, Inc. (BSR, Inc.) is an organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of unwanted or neglected purebred Boykin Spaniels. Each Boykin placed by BSR receives veterinary care and a temperament evaluation prior to placement in an adoptive home as well as being spayed or neutered. Based primarily in the southeastern USA, BSR, Inc. is growing into a national network of volunteers who regularly contact their area shelters and veterinarian offices for Boykins who need help. As of November 13, 2000, BSR, Inc. became officially incorporated and has received 501(c)3 status as a tax-exempt entity. BSR, Inc. operates solely on volunteer labor and from adoption fees and generous donations from those concerned for our Little Brown Dogs.

History of Boykins Spaniel Rescue

The following is a timeline of the Boykin Spaniel Rescue from the humble beginning of the organization to present. All information listed in this history has been verified and documented according to accounts given by the many people who made BSR possible.


Christy Whitlock Ellwell and Bill Bennett start BSR. Everything is run out of Christy's backyard kennel. With the help of a small group of volunteers, Bill and Christy run BSR for the next three years.

Aug 2000

BSR continues to grow. With increased demands on their time, school, schedules and lack of funds, Christy and Bill discuss the possibility of shutting down BSR. Tanya Hillary contacts Amelia Skipper and together they reorganize and BSR applies for 501c3 status.

Sep-Nov 2000

Tanya Hillary starts correspondence with Edward Eatmon, Chairman of BSS. Tanya Hillary and Amelia Skipper attend the BSS November board meeting asking for support and promising credibility of BSR.

November 15 2000

BSR becomes an officially incorporated, nonprofit corporation, with the help of Amelia's brother, David Alexander, CPA, BSR Treasurer.

April 2001

Jim Latimer, new BSS Chairman of the Board, continues to work with Amelia Skipper. Amelia Skipper and Tanya Hillary put together a plan and budget; and with Jim Latimer's assistance, an agreement is forged between BSS and BSR. At the request of BSR, BSS agrees to recommend two directors,one from the BSS Board of Directors and one At-Large, to sit on the BSR Board of Directors in order to provide guidance, assistance and recommendations regarding procedural, governance and financial issues where appropriate. BSS also agrees to provide some limited financial assistance by contributing $20 to BSR from each litter registered with BSS. This financial assistance is intended to help BSR gain some sound financial footing.

2001 - 2004

Amelia Skipper serves as BSR Director and continues implementing more structure to BSR's operations. Amelia develops and implements the regional coordinator concept with 13 original regions throughout the USA. BSR now operates with 15 regions nation-wide.


Angela Stilwell serves as Executive Director of BSR.


Susan Kahler takes over as executive director. Susan moves forward with Amelia and Tanya's original plan and BSR continues to grow and thrive as a well-organized and well-run dog rescue. In May of 2007, Susan considers resigning due to the conflicting demands of work, family and the growing demands of BSR. The BSR BOD asks Allyn Johnson, Secretary of the BSR BOD, to share the executive director duties with Susan. Susan and Allyn work together as co-executive directors for the remainder of 2007.


Allyn Johnson takes over as the executive director. BSR continues to grow as do workloads, volunteer participation and expenses. The number of dogs taken in per year basically doubles and BSR is now taking in over 70 dogs per year. BSR is financially sound, and BSR and BSS revisit their agreement and the following changes are made: BSS shall no longer be asked to recommend candidates for BSR Board of Directors seats; and the donation per litter will be reduced from $20 per litter registered to $15 effective October 1, 2008, and to $10 effective October 1, 2009, and shall remain at that level for the future. All other aspects of the BSS and BSR understanding in principle remain as is.


Allyn Johnson takes a leave of absence and resigns in April. Phyllis Patrick steps in as executive director from April-October, 2010. Phyllis resigns and Dorothy Rakowski and Pat Paschal agree to act as co-executive directors until the end of 2011.


Eric Grubbs takes over as Executive Director of BSR


Jill Freeman takes over as Executive Director of BSR